I know you are out there. I know you are feeling perturbed.  You are wounded. Or annoyed. Or thoroughly fed-up.

I know. It’s because my logo does not feature a benzene ring.

On the one hand, I must remind all you scientifically-minded types that artists, English majors, and religious leaders have always disregarded all decency when co-opting scientific ideas.

The most egregious offenders are, of course, religious leaders.

Admittedly, their intentions are truly wonderful. They want to prove that God doesn’t have to go face-to face with the men in white lab coats. One can affiliate with religion without having to believe that there were dinosaurs on the ark or that Noah’s ark existed in the first place.

On the other hand, gross abominations (like my logo) are the result of such sloppy parasitical behavior. For example, left leaning rabbis might hope to ride in the wake of current scientific discussions and connect quantum theory with tikkun olam. (See the atoms entangling? If we all pray hard enough, we’ll link our energy together and push little atom clouds of peace into the world.)

Well, I admit it. I have no clue how anything scientific works. This is the most sophisticated equation my humble Self can produce: Judaism + energy = adrenaline drash. So those who are currently discussing the missing benzene ring can take their science snobbery elsewhere. Besides, the Star of David is technically supposed to represent molecular resonance. Obviously.




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