Teshuva: A Letter from Charlotte

It is convenient for white people to insist that black people behave themselves. Frequently this takes the form of referring to Martin Luther King as the ideal role model and depicting the Civil Rights Movement as the appropriate way for a tormented people to clearly, kindly convince white people to be nice.

But to insist that black people make sure not to act too angry, not to reach for rocks or trash cans is the privilege of the powerful. Continue reading

White People, Take it In: On Racism and the Charleston Murders

Only when we of the white world take it in and own it for ourselves, only when we insist on doing the hard work of facing our fears and the way we have used them to oppress an entire people, only then will we be able to make our world safe for our African American brothers and sisters. That is our job, not theirs. Continue reading

The Procrustean Choice: Living with Antisemitism or Living with Racism

Benjamin Netanyahu flies to Europe not to grieve, but to calculate. As families are mourning their loved ones, he chooses to agitate for his political agenda. Instead of compassion, he offers European Jews a lesson. Theirs is misplaced allegiance. Israel, so Netanyahu, is the only place they can truly call home. Continue reading