Giving Wisdom Its Due – For Rabbi Victor Gross

To perform a service for someone you never knew means listening deeply to those who did. Grieving relatives tell you stories of their loved ones, of their loss. You will experience sadness, sorrow, even anguish. You will do your best to understand the depth of that pain while staying centered and clear. Then you will do your best to create a service that will honor the life of the human being you are to help bury. Continue reading

Bamidbar: A Book of Failings, A Book of Truth

But the next chapter introduces us to what one scholar has called “The Book of Failings.” …Places are named after conflict. Taberah, the first instance in the book of this oft-repeated cycle, is Hebrew for “conflagration.” Kibroth-Hattaavah, where the people get sick from gorging on God-given quail, means “Graves of Desire.” Continue reading